The QFAS Workshop is an informal initiative by researchers at Tilburg University’s School of Economics and Management. Our group was founded in 2022 by Anne Balter and Nikolaus Schweizer. It currently involves faculty and PhD students from the Department of Econometrics and OR (EOR) and the Department of Finance (FIN).

It provides a platform for PhD students and faculty to present their latest research in all areas related to quantitative finance and actuarial science. All members of our group share interest in theoretical models and empirical applications from quantitative finance. We interpret quantitative finance in a broad sense including, but not limited to, asset pricing, climate finance, computational finance, household finance, insurance and pension economics, option pricing, and portfolio choice.

We come together in our biweekly QFAS Workshop, which takes place usually in K1203 on Tuesdays in even weeks, from 11.00 to 12.30 in a hybrid format.

  • Everybody is welcome! This includes students in the Research Master programs.
  • Usually, we have an internal presenter who talks about her or his own research. This is most of the time a PhD student. The goal is to have a discussion that benefits both the presenter and the audience.
  • Sometimes, a faculty member presents or we have an external speaker.
  • See the events calendar for details.
  • Online participation is possible via Zoom.

Please sign up with Javier Garcia Gonzalez if you are at Tilburg University and would like to present. If you have any other questions or suggestions, please contact Anne Balter or Christoph Hambel.