Presentations – Lieske Coumans and Jorgo Goossens

Coumans: Robust Hedging of Terminal Wealth under Interest Rate Risk with the Constraint Approach Goossens: COVID-19 Crisis: Do Extreme Events Affect Preferences and Trading Behavior? (with Marike Knoef)

Presentation – Jun He An

The Effect of Taxation on Optimal Consumption and Portfolio Decisions Over the Life-cycle

Presentation – Bart Dees

Stated product choice of heterogeneous agents largely consistent with standard models

Presentation – Christoph Hambel


Pricing carbon under uncertainty: accuracy of simple rules (joint with Ton van den Bremer and Rick van der Ploeg)

Presentation – Anne Balter

RTZ 502 Professor Cobbenhagenlaan 113, Tilburg

Model Ambiguity versus Model Misspecification in Dynamic Portfolio Choice and Asset Pricing, joint work with Pascal Maenhout from INSEAD and Hao Xing from Boston University.