Presentations – Emily van Erk and Henk Keffert

van Erk: Tailoring the pension contributions and investment strategy to home ownership; Keffert: Personalized Robo-Advising: Enhancing Investment Through Client Interaction

Presentations – Julia Ackermann and Anne Balter

Ackermann: Optimal trade execution in stochastic order book models (with Thomas Kruse and Mikhail Urusov) Balter: Robust Decisions for Heterogeneous Agents via Certainty Equivalents (with Nikolaus Schweizer)

Presentations – Lieske Coumans and Jorgo Goossens

Coumans: Robust Hedging of Terminal Wealth under Interest Rate Risk with the Constraint Approach Goossens: COVID-19 Crisis: Do Extreme Events Affect Preferences and Trading Behavior? (with Marike Knoef)

Presentation – Jun He An

The Effect of Taxation on Optimal Consumption and Portfolio Decisions Over the Life-cycle

Presentation – Bart Dees

Stated product choice of heterogeneous agents largely consistent with standard models

Presentation – Anne Balter

RTZ 502 Professor Cobbenhagenlaan 113, Tilburg, Netherlands

Model Ambiguity versus Model Misspecification in Dynamic Portfolio Choice and Asset Pricing